Dog Carrier Car Seat “Pearl Purse” Owleys

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Product Details
Product Details
Multiuse fit
Our dog carrier is versatile to fit any car seat. Adjustable strap to fasten around the seat included. For extra fixation, you can attach the long handle on the headrest.
Dog Carrier Seat Size
Walk, ride, travel – make it all easy with Owleys
Dog Carrier Seat Description 1
Materials that won’t disappoint
Made from anti-vandal 600D Oxford fabric, eco leather and recycled polyester, our dog seat has soft sides, a non-slip bottom and holds its shape well.
Dog Carrier Seat Description 2
Keep your pet comfy
Attach the front leather handle to the bottom to make the bed wider and create space for your pet’s head. Plus, we added a side pocket to store favorite treats!
Dog Carrier Seat Description 3
Two carrying options
Use short leather handles or long textile handles to carry our portable dog bed. All the handles are durable and can withstand pets weighing up to 29 pounds.
What makes Owleys better?
  Average Vacuum Cleaner
Stylish design
Comfortable interior
Secure straps
Durable materials
Adjustable strap
Travel convenience
Two carrying options
Is this dog bed machine washable?

Our dog car seat is not recommended for washing machines. Please use a damp cloth, vacuum cleaner, or your hands to gently hand-wash it.

How do I attach the included belt to the car seat?

There are two half-rings on the back sides for attaching the belt to the seat back. Attach it to the half ring on one side, go around the seat back and fasten to the second half ring.

What is the length of the seat belt?

The belt is 23.6 inches long and adjustable.

What breeds is this dog carrier suitable for?

Out dog carrier supports up to 29 pounds. It’s perfect for puppies and small breeds such as: Yorkie, Spitz, Dachshund, Bologna, Cavalier King, Jack Russell, Pug, French Bulldog, etc.

Is the bottom pad inside removable?

Yes, the bottom pad is easily removable for cleaning.

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27 reviews
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Harper Lewis

The Pearl Purse by Owleys is a remarkable addition to any pet owner’s travel gear. This dog carrier car seat has transformed our road trips into stress-free and enjoyable experiences. The robust construction and safety features ensure my dog’s well-being, while the interior padding offers a comfortable space for her to relax. The adjustable straps make installation simple, and the Pearl Purse’s chic design adds a touch of sophistication to our journeys. Owleys’ commitment to quality and innovation shines through in this product, providing pet owners like me with a reliable and stylish solution for our furry companions.

Amelia Jackson

Owleys’ Pearl Purse has revolutionized the way I travel with my beloved pet. This dog carrier car seat is a masterclass in design and functionality. The sturdy construction and secure safety features put my mind at ease, while the luxurious interior padding ensures my dog’s comfort during road trips. The adjustable straps make installation effortless, and the stylish exterior garners compliments wherever we go. It’s more than just a carrier – it’s a statement of care and devotion to my furry friend. Owleys has truly created a product that speaks volumes about their commitment to enhancing the pet-owner bond.

Logan White

The Pearl Purse Dog Carrier Car Seat from Owleys is a game-changer for pet owners who love to explore. The meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail are evident in every aspect of this carrier. The secure design and safety features provide peace of mind during car rides, while the interior offers a cozy haven for my dog. The adjustable straps make installation a breeze, and the Pearl Purse’s elegant exterior sets it apart from other carriers. Owleys has truly created a product that caters to both the practical needs of pets and the style preferences of their owners.

Charlotte Harris

Owleys’ Pearl Purse is both practical and charming. My dog seems relaxed, and I appreciate the attention to detail in its design.

Benjamin Thompson

I was skeptical about buying a dog car seat, but the Pearl Purse changed my mind. My pup’s comfort is now a priority, and this seat delivers.

James Davis

The Pearl Purse from Owleys is a must-have for pet parents who prioritize their furry friend’s safety and well-being. This dog carrier car seat seamlessly combines functionality and style. The reinforced stitching and durable materials offer peace of mind during travels, while the soft and plush interior keeps my dog comfortable throughout the journey. The adjustable straps make installation hassle-free, and the Pearl Purse’s sleek design adds a touch of elegance to every adventure. Owleys has truly hit the mark with this product, catering to pet owners who seek a reliable and fashionable solution for on-the-go companionship.

Emma Martinez

The Pearl Purse exceeded my expectations. The quality is exceptional, and my pup seems happier during car rides now.

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